What is Shutterbee?

The Shutterbee Citizen Science Program is a collaborative effort among scientists and volunteers to monitor the bees in the St. Louis metropolitan area of Missouri and Illinois. In addition to being beautiful, amazing creatures, bees play a critical role in our world as pollinators of our crops and plants that serve as food for birds and other wildlife. Our primary goal is to better understand what promotes bee diversity and bee-plant interactions in residential and community gardens while sharing our passion for bee conservation.   

How can you participate? 

Join our team! Our citizen scientists photograph bees every two weeks in a location of their choosing and upload their observations to iNautralist. Our research team then identifies the bees and plants in the photographs and uses those data to test hypotheses regarding bee diversity and behavior. We share our results and related information regularly through newsletters, seminars, and social media posts.  
Every spring, we enroll and train new participants; if you are interested, register here or email us at shutterbee@webster.edu. You will receive 3-4 hours of training (depending on your familiarity with iNaturalist) and join a wonderful community of bee enthusiasts! 

Registration is closed for 2022. Please check back in Spring 2023.